Reading Books vs Digital Addiction

Books are Cool. Reading is fundamental.

Despite Amazon books sales, I believe the percentage of people who read books now is 95% lower than it was in the 1960s and ’70s.

Smartphone and Computer Addiction has become excessive.

I know learned people and people who work in education who don’t read books. They mostly flip channels or use their thumbs or track pad.

Books were not always easy to obtain.

People were often not literate in bygone eras.

It was a challenge to educate kids in the years 1910 – 1930 (and before) since kids often had illiterate parents and often had to work in jobs to help their families.

Going to school was often a luxury.

Come back to books.

Get physical–and connect Mind, Body, and Spirit–each day.

Physicality is good for everything, especially your biochemistry and your brain.

Read Books: It’s good for you.

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