INTRO SESSION:  1 to 3 hours, plus detailed individualized write-up                     @ $375     (Email to book)

Intro Session is Normally $550 and comes with Your Own Wellness Action Plan – Now available for $375
Remote Coaching Rates:  (remote time starts at $80 – $150 per hour depending on income) Select your preferred time below

  • Get Results Now!
  • Heal, Be Well and Achieve Your Goals
  • Get Fit without Battling Yourself, then shift to Maintenance
  • Improve Your Energy and Focus
  • Create Optimum Digestion and Gut Health
  • Incorporate Cyclical Fasting to become Fat-Adapted

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Eva T, Honolulu, Hawaii, 4 years after retirement from Pro Beach Volleyball Tour

“Sifu – the author of this book – as wellness coach and life coach is really entertaining to work with. He was very patient, knowledgeable and inspiring. We went through my life history, professional athletic career, current blockages and current aspirations and together we determined a daily course of action with my long-term goals in mind. That’s one of his books below. You can buy them on Amazon.

Even though I know fitness and nutrition really well and already had a pretty solid routine in both of these areas, talking with Sifu Slim brought more understanding on what and when happens in the athlete’s body. His knowledge on hormonal changes and gender dependent aging bodies was fascinating. I never before thought of my body as the vessel that I have been given to take care of and experience life through. I recommend him as a wellness coach to anybody who feels the need to get off the couch and take control of the wheel of their ship. Thank you Sifu for being patient and keeping me on track!”


Victor J. Massad, Ph.D., Business professor, Penn State University

“Now that I am in my mid-50s, my fitness and energy are more important to me than at any other time in my life, and that’s coming from someone who ran two marathons in his 30s. I am most impressed with Sifu Slim’s Maintenance Workout because his approach is simple, easy to perform, and results-oriented. I’d recommend it for just about anyone who needs to accomplish his or her fitness needs with a limited amount of time in a limited amount of space. I also take credit for booking Sifu Slim in his first invited standup comedy gig back in 1991. He’s pretty quick on his feet and the ad-lib stuff he does is even funnier than his prepared material!”


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