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– Maintenance vs Performance

2:45: Strength training is important.

3:09: We too often compress ourselves instead of extending our bodies.

3:18: Our musculature should be about 80% of what holds us up.

3:30: Ultimately your ligaments are attached bone to bone. They are not designed to bear weight.

3:40: According to a NASA study, after about 20′ of sitting, your nervous system goes idle.

5:30: Chiropractors are for more than just neck and back pain.

5:45: Pain has become an epidemic.

6:27: An intervention, a chiropractic adjustment, can not only relieve pain but can help correct an underlying cause.

6:50: Elimination, Fasting, Peristalsis

7:17: Twice a day is preferable for moving the bowels.

8:37: There are many health issues that can cause back pain.

11:30: Putting a bone back its proper position can help it heal, but if you don’t change the diet (‘dieta’ is the Greek word for lifestyle), it will go back out of position.


Dr. Alex and Sifu Inflammation part 2

05: Systemic Inflammation. Getting fatty acids balanced

.40: Processed oils, too much omega 6. Leads to Inflammation.

1:11: Cooking on heat with Olive Oil is a no-no!

1:35: Latins traditionally use a lot of oils. To cook black beans, mix in the oil at the end, after the beans are cooked.

2:10: Kirkland Olive Oil at Costco was reported to be good quality in 2017

2:42: Avocados: I eat a lot of these. Many are grown without the use of pesticides.

3:15: Grounding or Earthing. Electron transfer – may take 80 minutes, “which is why my chi gong practice goes 90 minutes”

5:00 Antioxidants. Greens, berries, etc., but don’t eat the same fruits every day or year round. This can lead to an overabundance of bacteria (and yeast), and especially the types of bacteria (and yeast) that prefer a certain fruit, like the raspberry or blueberry.

5:57: How does Dr. Alex vary his diet? Listen to the body. I eat soups at the end of the day.

Some days I feel that I don’t need to eat, so I don’t. This helps the digestion recover.

7:30: Vegan is a way, it’s not the only way. We honor vegans. If it works for you and is good for the environment, it’s a good practice.

7:56: Three or four mornings per week, my diet is vegan. I may go a day or two like that.

But I don’t subscribe to the idea that most of us should eat no meat at all.

8:22: One of the critiques on meat from the vegans is that meat is:
hard to digest


meat takes a long time to digest.

My response to that is, yea, it is hard to digest. And it’s supposed to take time to digest.

What did we do as hunter-gatherers? We went on a big hunt. We got game. We feasted on the game. And we sat around for a time and allowed the digestion happen with low stress.

8:50: The problem may not be eating meat. The problem may be eating it every single day, and perhaps every meal.

9:05: Because we have the albatross of choice around our necks, our success is killing us.

9:12: We need to learn to temper our dietary habits. But our culture is a more is more culture so we have trouble with lack, with fasting, with slowing down.

9:30: Processed food is made to never satiate us. That way, the corporations know we will eat more, and we do. This is been done by design.

10:25: Sifu’s definition of addiction and binging.
Our grandparents were generally not binging frequently. When they did, it was a reward for hard, often physical, work.

11:05: These days, many people are binging repeatedly throughout the day: mochas, donuts, snacks like chocolate bars, cookies, and bags of chips.

11:30: Movement is important. But we don’t have to be excessive.
Athleticism does not equate to wellness.

12:20: Weights are fine, maybe do that twice per week.
Sprints are beneficial, but do them once in a while.
Learn non-exercise movement, go for a walk, don’t sit down so much, learn chi gong, yoga, playing, joyful movement, salsa and kumbia.

13:00: Learn to dance before you are senior. Then you can hit the dance floor when you take your retirement, and when you are on a cruise ship.

Be well!


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