Workouts offers the following workout programs:

The Maintenance Workout Series

The Business Traveler’s Workout – Hotel 1

Napa Valley

The World Traveler’s Workout

Lake Geneva

The Couples Workout

Functional Training Workout

Cape Cod Harbor (emphasis on hip and back strength, use of golf exercises)

The Maintenance Workout


The key to life is adaptability. Bruce Lee told that to his students, and someone probably told that to Bruce Lee.

I have long thought that rolling with the punches was always better than taking them straight on. Muhammad Ali was an expert at rolling with the punches, unfortunately when he wasn’t in fight shape and as he got older, he couldn’t roll with those punches as effectively. Result: he got pummeled and now suffers from Pugilistic Parkinson’s. In one round in Ali’s penultimate fight, Champion Larry Holmes hit the former champ 198 times! How long would it take you to lose count?

So the idea is to maintain your fitness and maintain your adaptability. 

Adaptability means to know when to move on. Certain jobs, sports, and activities are so-called “young man’s games” or “young woman’s games.” The goal of most elucidated people whose jobs depend on the functionality of their bodies-contractors, athletes, manual laborers, etc. – is to move into management or into any role outside of the heavy wear and tear on the body demanded by the original task. I have seen many young secretaries, contractors, and weekend tennis players and golfers all wearing the same wrist brace. If these injured people are still actively participating in the same activity that caused the original problem, they may move beyond recovery. When you compound an injury, you may do permanent damage.

The Maintenance Philosophy is to live the way you need to live in order to function optimally. 

Do you need to service your car, your motorcycle, and most types of motors? Does your dog need to be walked? Do you need to take out the trash and mop the floors in your home? All this is part of maintenance. All of these practices allow the concerned parties and objects to stay maintained so they function. So too should you do the same to the best single motor you will ever ride to the grocery store-the human body.

The opposite of this would be waiting for things to break down. How much does it cost to put oil in your car and keep it serviced? A heck of a lot less than a major overhaul or buying a new engine. How much does it cost when your body breaks down and you head in for surgery? Then add time away from work and the long-term effects on your body, mind, and those of your family’s.

Staying fit is much easier than getting fit. 

If you don’t think so, jump to another website that sells transformational videos, diets, and cures. Buy those products and stick them in the garage next to the stationary bike that serves as a rack for your winter clothes. I have transformational DVDs coming out as well. But I don’t want you to use them except as a last resort. Change comes from within. You already know eating less and walking more means a move towards better fitness. So just do it. Then create the habit that keeps you fit. That’s not really a goal, it’s a daily practice.

Read excerpt from The Maintenance Workout book (coming soon)


Business Traveler’s Workout

The Business Traveler is an interesting cat.

You have to maintain focus, professionalism, product and company knowledge (your own and the competitors’), and amiability or at least cordiality. How do you do all that when you spend countless lonely hours in airplanes, airports, restaurants, and hotels?

How do you read the 48 emails, a trade journal, a daily paper, 9 text messages, and handle 27 phone calls, attend two big appointments, learn a software update, repair a shirt button, and–for the modern “Kojak-look” business man–shave your head without missing one stub?

I don’t know.

It’s a fast-paced, intense lifestyle. I’d prefer to do it fit, happy, well-rested, and healthy. How about you? I can’t transform an out-of-shape person to a fit person with maintenance workouts, but I can keep a fit person fit with even “a quickie.” I have developed a hybrid 15-minute maintenance program which is designed for fit people. Do you want to try it?

Photo by Rachel S. Thurston


The World Traveler’s Workout 

(coming soon)


The Couples Workout

Read excerpt from The Maintenance Workout book (coming soon)

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