Fitness and Lifestyle Practice Disclaimer 

Unless a workout offered by MaintenanceWorkout.com and Sifu Slim specifically says “Transformation” or is intended for non-fit, disabled, injured, or non-healthy individuals, it has been designed for fit and functional people. By buying these products and/or using the information provided by MaintenanceWorkout.com, listed in its products, and dispensed by its owners and employees, you are stating that you have a knowledge of what fit is, that you are indeed fit, and that you have consulted with a licensed physician who has completely examined you recently and has specifically stated that you are fit and well and has also stated that you may continue your fitness plan and has defined what types of exercises you may do.

By buying these products and using the advice here and in Sifu Slim’s matierial–books, articles, speaking presentations, etc–you are also stating that you have carefully reviewed the MaintenanceWorkout.com Fitness Fit Test and that you are using common sense in assessing your fitness and wellness.

We will say that again: You must use common sense and be mature about your health and wellness! A healthy person who binge eats and drinks the night before doing a workout is not a healthy person at the time of the morning workout. Stress and other forces must be considered before you do activities of any kind. And, the final word on all of this should come from a licensed physician who knows you and your body well.

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