What others say about Sifu Slim

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Personal Coaching

Victor J. Massad, Ph.D., Business professor, Penn State University

“Now that I am in my mid-50s, my fitness and energy are more important to me than at any other time in my life, and that’s coming from someone who ran two marathons in his 30s. I am most impressed with Sifu Slim’s Maintenance Workout because his approach is simple, easy to perform, and results-oriented. I’d recommend it for just about anyone who needs to accomplish his or her fitness needs with a limited amount of time in a limited amount of space. I also take credit for booking Sifu Slim in his first invited standup comedy gig back in 1991. He’s pretty quick on his feet and the ad-lib stuff he does is even funnier than his prepared material!”


Ken Shamrock testimonial for Sifu Slim’s The Aging Athlete

Ken Shamrock, former UFC heavyweight champion provides testimonial for Sifu Slim’s book ‘The Aging Athlete.’ See TheAgingAthlete.com “Ken was one of the most entertaining interviews to date. Take the most eventful, frightening moments of your life… some of us might have 5 or 6 of these. Starting by getting beat up by older kids of a different race at age 5 in Macon, Georgia, Ken Shamrock has experienced hundreds of these moments and, amazingly, is still alive to talk about them. You could say that Ken is not a fighter by design, he was really born a gifted athlete like his elder brothers. He was also born into the streets of hard knocks. Fighting came because it descended upon him.” Sifu Slim 9-19-2013.

Testimonial for Sifu Slim’s ‘The Aging Athlete’ by Bryon Powell, Ultra-Marathoner and Author

Ultra-marathoner Bryon Powell, finished a college career as a distance runner, then eventually left a professional career as a food and drug attorney in Washington D.C. and put his passion in first position. He loves life which consists of running the mountain trails across the United States and publishing articles, blogs (see iRunFar.com), and even a book ‘Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons.’ Bryon spent some time with Sifu Slim and shared his personal biographical perspectives.

Josh, yoga instructor/tour guide in Oahu Testimonial for Sifu Slim’s YogaP

“It was great,” says Josh, certified Yoga instructor. “And I’m not usually up at this time… Now I get why you do this fitness and mind-body connection so early. It sets up the day for wellness.”

Dr. Bill Gallivan, 4th Generation Orthopedic Surgeon and Former Competitive Athlete

“In my practice I see all kinds of injuries. Some are from accidents of normal living and situations resulting from genetic impairments there is little anyone can do to prevent. The rest fall into the realm of injuries which result from bad choices and improper care of the body. Prevention plans through proper daily exercise do so much for the stability and functionality of the body that it’s hard to imagine anyone living a pain-free life without them. As a former competitive athlete and current weekend participant in sports, I realize now more than ever how important daily fitness is for me, my wife, and my patients.

Sifu Slim has shown me he has the ability to take moves from various training practices, from martial arts to calisthenics and body-weight exercises, and show the lifelong practitioner of fitness how to achieve maximum functionality and fluidity without a lot of strain. His standing ab crunches are pretty impressive yet he readily admits that the magic is in doing them. When some think of fitness programs, they picture bench presses and cardio machines. Sifu Slim developed his plan so that you don’t always have to get to the gym. His moves use the body in very natural ways and exercise the entire body, even strengthening areas that tend to be major weaknesses in many patients who consult people in my field, most notably the lower back and hip area.”

Margy Hamai, Program Coordinator for Bodhi Tree Meditation Center
Sifu Slim did a wellness presentation which he opened and closed with a functional exercise routine at our center. The physical portion showed us how small, precise movements can slowly create good changes in one’s physical strength and well-being. I highly recommend Sifu’s talks and the helpful exercises which can help us deal with the lack of physical activity and wellness in our modern lives.

Janie Arnold, 50-something Sales Rep, Haagen Typecraft Regional Consultant, Mother of 4 

“I recently did a Saturday, 7 AM work out with Sifu Slim. We skipped, did slides, leaps, burst of running and squatted and that was just the warm up. Sifu puts a lot of play into his complete workout plan making it an easy, interesting and fun way to start a day, yet he makes you push a bit as well. He showed us several great ways to incorporate his maintenance workout into a day at the office so we really have no excuses to prevent us from choosing to be healthy, active and strong. In just one week of using Sifu’s maintenance workout program, I can see a vast difference in my form, endurance and agility. Sifu is a gentle, kind, lighthearted man so, as a woman, I felt safe that he was not going to put me through a boot camp that would have me in pain for the next several days. For those women who may read this and are not in the area, Sifu has a 15-minute, maintenance workout video you might want to check out. Be well.”


O.P., PhD., Scientific Research

“I am a scientist whose life has been active on the school and work front for over 30 years, which Sifu Slim reminds me was a lot of sitting and some standing at lab tables. When the aging process started to hit me in my early thirties I experienced aches in my hip and sciatic area. I was also having trouble making it to both the fitness gym and my recreational activities, like dance and tennis. With a work schedule that is quite demanding, I knew I needed a more streamlined approach to wellness. Sifu Slim taught me his weekly plan which you can see on his DVDs and in his book. About a year ago when I was extremely fit, I told him, “Sifu, I have now mastered your program.” While he was happy to give me an advanced belt in his art, he said the true masters of this program seek wellness each and every day. A year after my proud statement to him, I called him to tell him that I again I was experiencing pain in my hip and sciatic area. Again, he intervened to remind me of his fitness philosophy and to clue me in on the mindset I needed to adopt in order to thrive during another year of my nine hours of daily work sitting in a lab. A few days later I was feeling better and I owe that to the teachings of Sifu Slim.”


Chris Danahy, Competitive Triathlete & Educator of Triathletes & 4-Time IronMan Hawaii Finisher. Also Restaurateur and owner of an elite running shoe company. Richmond, Virginia 

“I have known Sifu Slim since the 1980s and he has been so dedicated to fitness and wellness. In college, he was also always applying for summer jobs one year ahead of time: he was the only guy I knew who did that. He wound up getting some international finance jobs in Paris at a time where the French unemployment rate was over 12%! He’s always been a big planner.

I have seen him get in character as he walks up to the podium–it’s truly amazing! Like a skilled actor, Sifu Slim has the ability to engross himself in the task at hand. He is balanced and well rounded and not prone to overdo any one area. The only things he’s addicted to are knowledge and fitness. But he never goes overboard in any one area of his life. That’s part of his wellness message-don’t overdo things. Being a triathlete I have certainly seen my share of athletes and weekend warriors who train too much and get repetitive stress injuries. His program keeps people thinking about long-term lifestyle and injury prevention.

If someone tells about their current health concern, he doesn’t just regurgitate some known remedy. He listens to the person, asks them questions, and then brings the person into the discussion with skill and care. It’s like listening to Dr. Dean Edell on the radio-it’s the same kind of caring and sensible approach. In some ways he’s like Jack LaLanne–he’s a genuine, driven guy who will never stop preaching sensible health and wellness, no matter what silly things people get into.

We have these long conversations where it’s as though I’m being interviewed. He wants to know what I know, the latest triathlete training methods, the current swimming goggles and running shoes we wear, and the current events of the competitions.

When I questioned him about these “interviews” he said, ‘Until you write a book or develop a Blog, Chris, I have to do get that cutting edge information from you over the phone. It’s how I learn.'”


Jay Peet, Regional Marketing Officer, for a Fortune 500 Real Estate Financial Company

“…he’s a great closing speaker and master of ceremonies. I have been doing several group seminars a week for many years; it’s a significant part of how I develop my business. Sifu Slim’s skills are up there with the best of them. He knows his finance and can put things in a historical perspective. He gets the audience thinking outside the confined, traditional box. He keeps things light and entertaining but always gets the important messages across. Having him speak at my events makes me look good. I recommend him highly.”


J.W., Owner of a Financial Advisory Firm since 1987

“I can’t say enough about the drive Sifu Slim has. He regularly proves that he can do things that are so original that amazed and enlightened people walk up to me after the seminar and ask me: ‘Where did you find this guy?’ I always enjoy hearing his novel way of looking back at financial models. He’s been studying finance for a long time and has an international perspective found in few speakers I get to hear. He is very detail oriented–you might call him a perfectionist who also goes with the flow as the situation requires. We have done a number of joint seminars and he always confirms with me the exact goals of the presentation. He then sets a course to meet those goals. At the event he always keeps the audience in mind and ensures that what is being presented is what the attendees came for.”


Lisa, nurse from Hawaii

“Sifu, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me yesterday. These days, listening seems like a lost art. It was different with you. You listened to me, listened to my questions, and gave me answers that I could understand. You are an encyclopedia of knowledge, and yet, you spoke with me, at my level. There’s an expression, “Meet people where they are at.” Sifu, you did just that. It was a delight to talk to you.” Lisa 😉


Brittany L., Engineering Student, UCSB

“Sifu Slim is a great trainer, especially with customizing workouts to every individual. In addition, he offers helpful tips and tricks acquired by experts in various sports. The workouts are stimulating physically, mentally, and spiritually. It will leave everyone invigorated and refreshed.”


Dr. Kara Gochnour, Native of Idaho

“I am a chiropractor. I love to educate people about wellness and creating healthy lifestyle choices in order to prevent disease and illnesses. About 2 months ago SifuSlim introduced me to his workout program. He was very knowledgeable about his workouts and improving overall health in a very safe and non-threatening environment. The exercises were fun, rejuvenating and challenging all at the same time. They can be modified to each individual’s physical level of health. I feel confidence referring my patients to SifuSlim because I know they will experience a safe and effective workout starting with the most basic/beginner level to the most advanced individuals.”


J.F., Member, Million Dollar Round Table, New York City

“I took a business trip out to California where I met with Sifu Slim for personal training in 2007. When I told him that I had been having sciatica problems, he gave me some trigger point therapy which fixed the problem after 20 minutes of his treatment. He then taught me an exercise program I could do right in the hotel room. It was terrific! I saw him again in 2009 and told him to put this message on his website: ‘I haven’t had any hip problems since you worked on me in 2007.’ Now that’s an incredible intervention from someone who knows what he’s doing!”


B.B. Retired, Paris, France

“Cet homme est incroyable. Quand je fais son programme je n’ai plus de problèmes de dos. Dès que j’arrête, je me plains. Essaye son programme, ça marche! Et comme speaker il est top!”


Jack E., Regional Manager for a Real Estate Investment Corporation.

“I have known Sifu Slim since he was in his early 20s and have been telling him to take his message and his “act” to the public since we first met. He has helped me with my aches and pains, and the aging process, and he has helped encourage me with my fitness program and life goals. He captivates people from the moment they meet him. He has the extraordinary ability to open up with new people from diverse backgrounds and get them to open up. He’s also the funniest guy I’ve ever ridden a ski lift with. He’s brightened many a day of the strangers we’ve traveled with on those lifts! Some lift riders may still be thinking about him.

In a caring way, he intervenes in people’s lives. I think that’s what he was put here on earth to do.”


T.W., aka “Rastini”, former Competitive Multi-Sport Athlete, currently a Businessman and Family Man.

“I worked with him in an entertainment company for 4 years and have known him for over 20. He does what he says he’s going to do and he does it with flair. He takes the mundane and makes it interesting and fun. I used to be the Bud Abbott of our group, more of the straight man with the contract in my hand. Now that I have two growing children, I have had to become more like him, less of the straight man. I have used his teaching with humor methods with much success. Without it in my busy life of cell phones, meetings, committees, and family time, I might have blown a fuse.”


D.M., Business Owner and Lifelong Pumper of Iron. New Jersey Shore (not far from Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi’s hometowns).

“Sifu Slim and I have always bonded on the practice and philosophy of training the human body. One year I took him to my gym and he explained to me that although he would love to “pump iron” with me as we had in the past, his body was not currently ready for an intense free-weight-pumping workout. He had been doing martial arts and needed smoothness of form, so he had designed a workout in the out of doors to compliment that.

So, instead of lifting with me and a buddy of mine, he did his own program with body-weight exercises. That way, he explained, he would not be stiff and in pain for the next few days. We went out to play golf the next day and he was blasting 300-yard drives down the fairway. Pretty cool stuff for guy who weighs what he weighs.”


S.T., Former Advanced Black Belt in Hung Gar Kung Fu & RSI Consultant to Fortune 500 Corporations. 

“Back in the 1990s, Sifu Slim came in to my office for injuries related to his active life in athletics and improper biomechanics. I relieved his pain, taught him the stretches and exercises he needed, and sent him on his way. I knew he would be back. He didn’t want a quick fix, he wanted to learn how to move his body, how to sleep properly, and how to fix himself. He came back for the next 5 years.

We started with proper walking, which few people know how to do, then practiced picking up objects off the ground which was important for the avid golfer he was. I taught him how to sit, how to stand, and even taught him some self defense. I give him an “A+” as my student and patient. Whether you’re a full-time staff member of a business or a retired athlete, all who seek wellness need to incorporate proper posture and form. I’m delighted Sifu Slim is continuing to get the biomechanics message out.”


My Father, born in the Depression. Retired Senior VP of Institutional Investments for a major Wall Street Firm, now, with my mother, Tree Farmer and World Traveler 

“My son and I both have the same long and lean build, quite a challenge for competitive and amateur sports and problematic for lots of sitting and standing. I spent most of my adult life working in New York City (where for exercise I used to walk a lot, including the last few flights of stairs to my office in 2 World Trade Center), raising kids, working on our small farm, and playing recreational golf. Along the way, I injured my back a few times, including a compressed disc and a stint in traction. A few doctors wanted to operate.

I visited an older physical therapist originally from Ireland. When she examined me and my X-rays she said, ‘I’ve seen a lot worse and we have helped them through physical therapy.’ For over forty years, I’ve been doing the exercises she prescribed. Without them I would have needed surgery and might have had further back injuries. Because I have done my back and hip exercises every day, I have been able to enjoy golf and enjoy life. I have yet to see my son on his speaking tour but he has long shared his message with me.

In July of 2009, I took my son to a golf practice range so he could give me a lesson. Even after his 16-month layoff from golf, and after the mandatory warm-up he had us do, he was hitting the ball like a pro. The driving range we used has woods past the 250-yard marker. Playing my 3-wood straight from the grass with no tee, he actually drove several balls into the woods beyond that last distance marker! Here I had thought he was getting older: so much for the aging process! The answer, he told me, ‘fitness, especially hip strength! And the confidence that comes with the mind-body connection’. Soon he had me hitting the ball with confidence! Now I’m charged up again about the game!”

Book Testimonials

Eva T, Honolulu, Hawaii, 4 years after retirement from Pro Beach Volleyball Tour

“Sifu – the author of this book – as wellness coach and life coach is really entertaining to work with. He was very patient, knowledgeable and inspiring. We went through my life history, professional athletic career, current blockages and current aspirations and together we determined a daily course of action with my long-term goals in mind. That’s one of his books below. You can buy them on Amazon.

Even though I know fitness and nutrition really well and already had a pretty solid routine in both of these areas, talking with Sifu Slim brought more understanding on what and when happens in the athlete’s body. His knowledge on hormonal changes and gender dependent aging bodies was fascinating. I never before thought of my body as the vessel that I have been given to take care of and experience life through. I recommend him as a wellness coach to anybody who feels the need to get off the couch and take control of the wheel of their ship. Thank you Sifu for being patient and keeping me on track!”


Pamela Guerrieri, Literary Award Judge, Editor 

“Since when did people start caring more about their cars than their own bodies? Sifu takes an innovative approach into the lifestyle of the hunter-gatherer, revealing overlooked wisdom of how to live today for a healthier tomorrow. This is a practical book overflowing with appreciated entertainment incomparable to anything else.”


Gary Casaccio, M.D, Psychiatrist; Wheaton, IL

“You will find this book steeped in history, philosophy, and common sense, yet with creative and actionable steps. A big piece of our modern medical knowledge is based on human history, as well as the millennia-old study of nature, especially botany. As a long-time student of health, I can support the book’s emphasis that consistent exposure to natural sunlight may not only improve mood but also help to regulate your circadian rhythm which can help both improve and regulate sleep and boost energy levels. My suggestion is not to simply take my word for it or Sifu Slim’s word for it, but to see how some of this works for you.”


Caspar Weinberger, Jr. Human Events Columnist and Lecturer 

“Contrary to most recommendations, here is a book you must put down! Sifu Slim’s “Sedentary Nation” charts our human journey from caveman to couch potatoes. Sifu’s point is simple but sure: while exercising our brains with desktops, laptops, I-pads, I-pods, television and the like, we seem to have overlooked exercising our bodies. I couldn’t wait to stop reading and start walking!”


Dr. Tom Rook, Chiropractor for more than 30 years

“People talk about the Paleolithic diet and the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. However, it is rarely presented in context. This book reveals extensive anthropological and historical evidence that provides that context and enlightens the reader of the significance of being true to our own cultural and biological heritage.”


Wendy Allen, Ph.D, Clinical Therapist, Coach. Author of “The Business and Practice of Coaching.” The premier coaching text for every kind of coach.

Sifu Slim’s book is the perfect fitness training book. Sifu Slim weaves both scientific and anecdotal evidence from his years as an athlete and trainer into his program . He makes a very persuasive argument with a light touch. His narrative is a fresh approach to body-mind fitness and is so full of common sense, logic, and promise that following his philosophy and program could very well change your life.


DigitalLight, Verified Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2016

Gets you moving and is entertaining! An inspiring book to get you moving with applications to use today and entertaining and fun insights from history! I have read Sedentary Nation twice now and keep going back to certain sections that have great tips. Having lived in different places ranging from big city to countryside, I could really feel the difference in how movement is part of daily life. Looking back at history makes you realize how daily tasks actually kept people fit and with all the convince today it is not always the best thing for living healthier. Sure we save time at the moment, but not in the long run.
I recommended this book to some friends who also liked it!


tanja reutimann, Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2014

4.0 out of 5 starsMovement! oh yeah ! After reading a healthy portion, I awoke the next morning to the word “Movement” as my ONE thought for the first time in my 45 years on this planet! Followed by, “How can I add more to my day? which was another revelation. Why not join me and download this uniquely life-changing book ?


Nimita Dhirajlal, Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2015

we have a good chance at keeping in balance no matter the challenges … I work in the world Sifu Slim discusses–busy, busy, busy. Since the age of 15, I have been working. Then, two masters degrees came along a bit later. One was in my 20s and one in my 30s. These years of study were a welcome break from my work life. Vacations are something I look forward to. There I have time to regroup. Sifu Slim’s message is to take a “vacation” and recreate the mind, body, and spirit every morning. If we start the day with that, we have a good chance at keeping in balance no matter the challenges that may come up later on.

Sergii, Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2015

Good book. I read it during a recent trip. It was a discovery for me that more than 100 years ago, there were some terrific known techniques that can be used in our time to deal with a common problem: sedentary lifestyles. I recommend this book for people looking for the right impetus to a more active life and better self-control while still having fun. The author clearly knows how to tell readers his thoughts in the most entertaining way.
T, Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2014
I have always been interested in wellness and I have studied over the years different ways to shift my mind out of the fast world we live in today. This book has reminded me that I can make the shift! Just because the world is digital and I have emails in my inbox doesn’t mean that I can’t live differently, I can! Thank you for reminding me about the life of my ancestors and encouraging me to live differently. I am getting up now to move around for a bit!
Paul Froemming, Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2014
Sifu Slim is both an elite practitioner and teacher of balanced fitness. The wellness program he teaches in his new book Sedentary Nation will keep you flexible and fit for life. His stories will motivate you to follow in his footsteps. As a health writer for many years I am impressed with the wit and wisdom you will find in Sedentary Nation. Paul Froemming.

Andre, Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2014

The best book on wellness lifestyle and physical fitness that I have ever read! And I have read many fine books on fitness, healty food and lifestyle. A must read for those who take their Health, their only wealth, seirously!

Verified Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2014

Ive back and knee injuries and coming out of multiple surgeries and need a life plan to see me through and this give reasons and why to motivate yourself to a lifestyle to keep moving forward.


Verified Amazon Customer of Sedentary Nation, 2014

This book provides a clear, concise and effective reason for the problem of obesity that currently faces this nation.


Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, paperback, Oct. 2015

Inspiration Station. I read The Aging Athlete because I am one. Storytelling is one of the greatest ways to absorb truth and wisdom, so I appreciated the interview template. It brought out the very human side of athletes who are much of the time considered superhuman at their peak and this dynamic is very compelling. Since reading the book, I have become more aware of my own exercise habits, the essential links I might have lost along the way, and how I can get back to a balanced sense of discipline and enjoyment. I am definitely going to recommend this book to a few other aging athletes I know!


DigitalLight, Verified Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, paperback, Aug. 2015

A real perspective from athletes. I got both the paperback (which was a nice quality) and kindle editions! The stories of aging athletes are engaging and lively with a real perspective. I come from a family of athletes, but the book appeals to sports lovers as well. Sifu Slim interviews many interesting athletes in this book and does so in a fresh way that keeps you reading. I’m getting a couple more paperback copies to give as gifts for friends who are athletes and also for those who just have an interest in sports and fitness.


O. Halabieh, Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, paperback, Sept. 2015

An Inside Look at the World of Aging Athletes. I read Sifu’s book – The Aging Athlete – and it provides an insightful behind the scenes look at the world of athletes who have managed to maintain their active lifestyle after their competitive years. What I particularly liked about this book are: 1) the breadth of athletes covered – whether from a personal background or professional perspective – and the depth of the interviews. 2) practical and applicable advise that the athletes shared on health and wellness and 3) the psychology needed to sustain and persevere over an extended period of time – regardless of the competition.
Overall an educative read in the areas of personal development, and health and wellness.

Paul Froemming, Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, Nov. 2014

How to Age with an Athlete’s Grace. In his new book “The Aging Athlete,” elite trainer Sifu Slim reveals the ways that stellar athletes stay fit while aging gracefully. His interviews highlight the lives of the athletes who follow a fitness program that a fitness trainer can recommend. Surprisingly only the top ten percent of retired athletes do so. This book is about the top ten and how they succeed. Sifu Slim (Sifu means “teacher”) is an inspiration to every one who seeks the high-end fitness described in this new book. My sport is golf, and as the years roll by, I want to be in Sifu Slim’s top ten! Paul Froemming, Author of “Healing Adventures: Fitness Destinations for Health and Happiness”


Estella Niday, Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, Dec. 2014

This is a very well written account of some well known athletes and their battles to stay mentally and physically fit as they walked away from their sports of choice. Their stories provide valuable knowledge for anyone struggling to stay physically active and in tune with their bodies as they journey into the later years of their lives.


anthony linebaugh, Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, Oct. 2014

A Must Read! The aging athlete is a must-read for all athletes who want to continue to compete at a high level or continue to meet the rigors of their fitness regimen regardless of their age. Several insights were shared which will be helpful for everyone from the weekend warrior to the seasoned professional.


M. Brody, Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, Nov. 2014

You will enjoy and be inspired. I heard about this book through a friend who was moved by it. I picked up a copy myself and I second his opinion. Now, I’m passing it on to my brother to help them with their wellness for life. You will enjoy and be inspired.


Jim B., Amazon Customer of The Aging Athlete, Nov. 2014

If you want to keep your body working…This is a “must read” if you are 40 or older.


Presenting and Group Wellness

Enthusiastically, Terry BEar [sic], Founder Imagine A Vegan World imagineaveganworld.com

Sifu Slim is as refreshing as a clean, clear mountain stream in his inspiring and informative message of attaining personal health and wellness in our every day lives. Seeing and listening to Sifu Slim’s genuinely sincere and doably fun approach of living life to the fullest, you’ll want to do what he’s been doing, to achieve what he has achieved: a strong, lean, healthy body and mind. Down to the fresh earth, practical and effective techniques, done in the outdoors, as much as possible, without strain, stress or over work. Sharpen up your mind, and body, the natural way, with Sifu Slim. Our group thoroughly enjoyed hearing his moving presentation.


Superior Court & District Attorneys Office, Santa Barbara, CA. J. Gittler & M. Arreola 

“We would like the personally thank you for the great presentation you gave at the Juvenile Drug Court Graduation. Getting young people interested in positive pursuits is really important. Your presentation regarding health and fitness was fantastic and it really seemed to hit its mark with the attendees.”


Saul Hernandez, President of SHPE-SCU

‘In regards to the presentation you provided on Friday, here is my response: “It was a great presentation. Very lively and informative about how to engage exercise and healthy eating habits in one’s busy schedule such as eating fruits instead of chips for snack and taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. And many thanks for the advice you provided me when we met one on one. I have already begun implementing it.”


Juan Vargas, Vice President of SHPE-SCU

“I think it’s necessary to apply the lessons taught because as being the busy students we are, we tend to forget about ourselves and taking care of our well-being. Sifu Slim was knowledgeable on various topics and was therefore an effective teacher.


Silvia Garcia, Secretary of SHPE-SCU Silicon Valley California

“I found this presentation to be a wake-up call to the youth so that as we enter the workforce, we engineers realize the value of staying healthy and living a long life. Even if we can’t work out there are still little things we can do to exercise such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. As a former athlete, I know the importance of staying in shape and its benefits; therefore, the tips from the presentation were valuable and easy to apply to everyday things.”

Interview Testimonials

James “Bonecrusher” Smith testimonial for Sifu Slim’s The Aging Athlete 2

James “Bonecrusher” Smith shares how hard work on his family’s farm in North Carolina set him up for the hard work he would undertake on pursuit of a college education and the heavyweight championship. He is the first heavyweight champion to have earned a college degree. Look for Volume Two of The Aging Athlete at TheAgingAthlete.com and help James’ efforts to build a Boxing Hall of Fame in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina. http://championforkids.org/


Testimonial for Sifu Slim’s ‘The Aging Athlete’ by Mac McCluskey

Mac McCluskey’s resume includes Arizona State University Football, Semi-Pro Football, a fateful car ride with Jack LaLanne, the early days of triathlons and later IronMan competitions, coaching high school athletes and teaching martial arts, and over 40 years of competitive sports. Mac runs MonkeyRaces.com from his home in Park City, Utah. In the book–The Aging Athlete vol 1–Mac goes deep as he recalls the high and low points of his engaging life story. The take-away: Have patience, never give up, and always do your best!


Jack Bianchi Santa Barbara testimonial for Sifu Slim’s book The Aging Athlete

Jack Bianchi provides a testimonial for Sifu Slim’s book The Aging Athlete. See TheAgingAthlete.com June 2013. The book is a collection of reflections by elite and former elite professional and amateur athletes who talk about the mindset of fitness and their wellness pursuits at their current age.


Jason Jewell Squash Player: Testimonial for Sifu Slim’s book and documentary, The Aging Athlete

See TheAgingAthlete.com. The Aging Athlete, the book by Sifu Slim. Former number one ranked junior squash player and top pro squash player–provides a testimonial for Sifu’s book and video project.


Billy Mills testimonial for Sifu Slim

Native American Olympic Gold Medalist, 1964 Japan, Billy Mills provides a testimonial for Sifu Slim. Billy shared his wisdom from more than 5 decades as an aging athlete and public speaker. Billy’s wisdom is featured in his books and a small part of his story as an aging athlete will be featured Sifu Slim’s book — see TheAgingAthlete.com


Ken Shamrock point of view on Sifu Slim’s project and book: “The Aging Athlete”

Ken Shamrock, himself a recent retiree from the UFC, and once UFC heavyweight champion, shares his thoughts on the mindset and changes faced when an athlete is no longer at the top of their game and transitions into retirement. See TheAgingAthlete.com for more information. Is there pride in retiring gracefully? Should athletes be trained in maintenance fitness and wellness? Does the retirement letdown sometimes lead to depression? Is getting involved in positive pursuits the answer?


Military and Athletic Testimonials

Chase Duarte, U.S. military distance runner

Chase Duarte, former US Marine and US National Guard and current ultra distance runner discusses what the interview process for The Aging Athlete was able to do for him. For more information on the pursuit of ageless fitness and perseverance, see TheAgingAthlete.com Sifu Slim, Founder of The Aging Athlete Project.
Currently seeking a research foundation partner to compile a statistical study on the fitness and wellness pursuits of retired high performance physical people–athletes, military, general contractors, etc. Seeks to empower former military personnel to continue on a path of physical activity — aka maintenance fitness or recreational fitness — after their service to the country. Chase is a rare athlete who is able to continue high performance training and competing into his later years. For most people, that’s not possible. With busyness and aging, most of should consider the middle road — not sedentary and not high performance — the path of physical maintenance.

Letter to a Military Commander

Aloha Commander:

Good to know you are up on Ret. General Hertling.

I have the audacity to believe that my inspiration, will power, and knowledge–which originally was sparked and is still enhanced by Jack LaLanne and Bruce Lee (and countless others)–should be passed on to others in need. My research about the 10% of retired high-performance athletes and military personnel who are still practicing physical movement has been updated.

Now, I believe, that of the 10% who are still doing regular physical movement, a certain percentage may be doing things at least partially incorrectly. For example, the heart changes with age. Even the valves tend to function differently with age, stress, trauma, diet, etc. A friend of mine has a hardcore dad who served shortly before Vietnam. His dad was running like a performance athlete into his late 60s. His cardiologist told him two things:

1. You need a pacemaker and heart medication

2. You are running the wrong way, excessively and with too much pressure for your system

The dad’s answer: “No one told me… I was just doing what I learned in high school and in the Army…”

What I suggest is people learn about thriving through aging process. It’s a reality check we all must face.

I recently met three Marines who work in various capacities with technology and equipment. When I mentioned the aging of the body and aches and pains we may suffer later in life, they told me they already had what I was mentioning. They were 23 to 25. Two of the three were on pain medication; the other was on stress medication.

There is a way to connect the dots of wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

I’d love a shot at proving that I can exact change and solve problems for WILLING participants.

We could try a test group. 10 sessions. And track the results. The time will be on me and them. You’ll get the results in your inbox:

1. Health before, during, and after.

2. Evaluation forms written by them.

3. Curriculum highlights by me

This is not personal training, this is wellness coaching and life coaching with fitness as part of that.



Sifu is currently seeking to partner with military organizations to teach LIFESTYLE AND MAINTENANCE AFTER ACTIVE DUTY. Please contact him through TheAgingAthlete.com

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