The Aging Athlete Project

It’s more than just books, the The Aging Athlete Project seeks to offer a myriad of services to this segment of the population.

FOR THE AGING ATHLETE PROJECT, which is an ongoing attempt to do many things related to the subject, Sifu seeks to collaborate with a think-tank or academic group.

Having this blessing and accountability is of course provides a framework for the project and a learning/research opportunity for the learning institution.

1. Generate articles for media.

2. Complete an official study (with ongoing research) on aging athletes.
20-question Questionnaire a la Kinsey Report. Statistical analysis.

3. Present at conferences and author/research lecture series.

4. The time is ripe (NFL lawsuits/suicides; helmet changes; media buzz on high school and all athletes and their injuries).

5. Release a new book on the subject with different athletes every two years. (Fan appeal can help promote this endeavor. The popularity of ESPN 20-20 proves that people are interested in the stories. It would be helpful to collaborate with film directors to show the stories on short videos similar to ESPN but with the specifics of TAA Project.

6. Have Web presence/blog that is a Net leader on this subject. (See for a high bar to shoot for. See for a non profit which has enjoyed some decent traction.)

7. Help aging athletes with wellness and gain the support of their families. Provide Intervention Counseling/Resources/Coaching/ Webinars to the athletes open to the wellness (not just performance) modality. Empower them to empower others (especially the up-and-coming aging athletes). This of course reinforces their wellness mindset similar to being sponsors/mentors in 12-step programs.

8. Create a paradigm of improved wellness in sports and in the world.

9. Create a sub department in an academic facility to provide a specialty study opportunity in this subject.

10. Write grants and seek funding.

Yours in creating the paradigm and instilling the drive for the first down today for the end zone tomorrow,

Sifu Slim

Video for TAA


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