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Webinar: The Business of Food. Presented by Sifu Slim (Date to be determined)

A man who has been ingesting the good, bad, and ugly for more than 50 years and has lived to tell about it.
– How Price/Cost drive buying and selling.
– Shelf life a profit center and inventory cost
– Taste and when sugar became all the rage
– Texture and looks: That apple has a boil. Let’s press charges.
– Availability: Macrobiotics and distance shipping
– New England in the winter… in the olden days, this was a tough place to live off vegetables.


The Unplug challenge:  $12.95 (Date to be determined)

– What a new life with less digital overload could mean for you and your near and dear.
– How to Unplug
– Why we humans are so neurotic, we live in our heads
– How to be your own, personal drill sergeant/supporter
– Embracing doing the right thing over being impulsive
– How alertness can be improved through periodic exercise and stretch breaks
– How to remain heart-open even when things get challenging
– How more blood flow to the brain translates to better decision making

Past Webinars:

Good ideas are as valuable as diamonds. Artwork by Chelsea Brown, England

Webinar 21 Female Empowerment hosted by Sifu Slim. approx. 50 minutes

5PM Hawaii Time.   7PM California Time  ( join on Google Hangouts   Click Here for Webinar >>  )

Good ideas are as valuable as diamonds.
– Goal setting: How to get what you want.
– Education: Yoda…
– Motivation
– Doing the right thing/self-mastery
– Gaining happiness from within
– Wellness and authenticity in mind/body/spirit.
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It uses a PowerPoint presentation so it’s best to be at a computer.
SmartPhone will work in a pinch.



Webinar 23 – Tuesday, March 7th, 2017. 5PM Hawaii Time. 7PM California Time

Being a Dissenter in a Dumbed Down World

A friend who works in P.R. keeps saying the public wants the silver bullet.
Yet, people are buying books by other icons of dissent.
Do you want a new pill from a big company? Or do you want more help on how to live the natural life?
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand tells the story of an architect who fights the battle between success through Selling Out vs. Altruism.
Rational mind vs. the Impulsive mind
Are you a dissenter? Do you think the status quo is full of shortcomings, some of which can be easily remedied? Other dissenters: Jesus; Gandhi; Joan of Arc; Martin Luther; Martin Luther King; the suffragettes.


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